Fu-Long has always participated in local charity groups and societies of police and firefighter. Since the beginning of Covid-19 epidemic, under the leadership of Chairman Hsu, we have kept doing all the prevention measures against COVID-19 in our factory and concerned about the police and firefighters on the front line all the time.


Chairman Hsu and President Hsu donated 2000 pieces of medical mask, 400 pieces of N95 mask and 60 rapid test kits for thanking the police on the front line and sent to Yangmei Precinct in person. Deputy Commissioner Shen and Administration Section Chief Peng personally received the epidemic prevention supplies and expressed gratitude for Chairman Hsu's support towards the police.


Although the epidemic has gradually slowed down recently, the epidemic prevention work still cannot be taken lightly.


All Fu-Long colleagues look forward to the end of the epidemic, so that everyone's lives can return to normal soon.