In the view of the market growing, and customer service upgrading, FU-LONG’s chairman, Mr. Hsu Mu-Ton, led our management team to hold the groundbreaking ceremony for new office building construction and factory expanding project in February, 2017.


In recent years, we are constantly devoted to the development and integration of automated machinery. In order to achieve fully-automatic production, we not only import advanced facilities from abroad, but also corporate with technical units to develop the best solution for our own.


The first phase of this project will invest 20 million US dollars. It is expected to increase 80% capacity and expand 15,000 square meters production area. Other than hardware facilities, FU-LONG also invests in personnel training to enhance employees’ performance. We believe that excellent staffs are definitely the best enterprise asset.


After project completed, the brand new FU-LONG will continually provide high quality machinery components to customers, and promote Taiwan Excellence Product to the world!



Our future plan for industry 4.0 stars from now!

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